75cm × 90cm の最小のパフォーマンス

This work is a video work of 15 performers in each of 15 "telephone booths".

In this work, I thought of the "phone booth" as a small "personal space" in the town. The shooting was done from June to July.

From June to July, the outbreak of COVID-19 spread in Tokyo and a state of emergency was announced.



​ 本作品は、15個の“電話ボックス”内でそれぞれ15人のパフォーマーによるパフォーマンスを映像に収めた映像作品である。


Everyday life changes suddenly, and I feel that the disconnection between "personal space" and "Public place" is expanding.The thing that separates people from person to person has become physically visible like an acrylic board.The "telephone booth" is also a space surrounded by transparent boards. However, the "telephone booth" is not a completely closed space. It has communication with "Public place, which is a public telephone. Just as the "telephone booth" was sometimes used as a time machine in the world of fiction, the "telephone booth" is connected to the "public place".



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